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What Made Me Start Writing This Book Is The Enthusiasm Regarding WebRTC, An Open Project For Browser-Based, Real-Time Communication. Until Now, Building A Good Interactive Web Service Was Always A Big Problem. You Had To Use Different Solutions For Different Web Browsers, You Had To Use Third-Party Software Components And Install Them On A Client's PC, You Had Problems With Cross-Platform Support, And So Many Other Problems. Now We Have WebRTC. Its Development Is Still In Progress And Not All Browsers And Platforms Fully Support It Yet, But It Works Great Already. With WebRTC, You Can Easily Build A Rich, Media-Interactive Website Or Service, And Most Of Your Potential Users Will Be Able To Use It Today Without Any Additional Specific Efforts. This Great Project Enables Easy Development Of Rich Media Web Services Without The Need To Download/Install Any Additional Software Components On A Server Or On A Client's PC. I Use WebRTC Daily At My Job For Real-Life Projects, And I Will Share My Knowledge And Recipes In This Book.
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