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Unity Shaders And Effects Cookbook

Welcome To Unity Shaders And Effects Cookbook! This Book Is Your Guide To Becoming Familiar With The Creation Of Shaders And Post Effects In unity3d. You Will Start Your Journey At The Beginning, Creating The Most Basic Shaders And Learning How The Shader Code Is Structured. This Foundational Knowledge Will Arm You With The Means To Progress Further Into Each Chapter And Produce Shaders That Simulate Human Skin, Shaders That Handle Dynamic Reflections, And Will Also Develop Post Effects Such As Night Vision. By The End Of Each Chapter You Will Have Gained New Skill Sets That Will Increase The Quality Of Your Shaders, And Even Make Your Shader-Writing Process More Efficient. These Chapters Have Been Tailored So That You Can Jump Into Each Section And Learn A Specific Skill, From Beginner To Expert. Or, For Those New To Shader Writing In Unity, You Can Progress Through Each Chapter, One At A Time, To Build On Your Knowledge. Either Way, You Will Learn The Techniques That Make Modern Games Look The Way They Do. Once You Have Completed This Book, You Will Have A Set Of Shaders That You Can Use In Your unity3d Games, As Well As The Understanding To Add To Them, To Accomplish New Effects And Address Performance Needs. So Let's Get Started!
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