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Unity 5 Game Optimization

User Experience Is A Critical Component Of Any Game. User Experience Includes Not Only Our Game's Story And Its Gameplay, But Also How Smoothly The Graphics Run, How Reliably It Connects To Multiplayer Servers, How Responsive It Is To User Input, And Even How Large The Final Application File Size Is Due To The Prevalence Of App Stores And Cloud Downloads. The Barrier To Entering Game Development Has Been Lowered Considerably Thanks To The Release Of Cheap, AAA-Industry-Level Game Development Tools Such As Unity. However, The Features And Quality Of The Final Product That Our Players Expect Us To Provide Is Increasing With Every Passing Day. We Should Expect That Every Facet Of Our Game Can And Will Be Scrutinized By Players And Critics Alike. The Goals Of Performance Optimization Are Deeply Entwined With User Experience. Poorly Optimized Games Can Result In Low Frame Rates, Freezes, Crashes, Input Lag, Long Loading Times, Inconsistent And Jittery Runtime Behavior, Physics Engine Breakdowns, And Even Excessively High Battery Power Consumption (Particularly Important In This Era Of Mobile Devices). Having Just One Of These Issues Can Be A Game Developer's Worst Nightmare As Reviews Will Tend To Focus On The One Thing That We Did Badly, In Spite Of All The Things That We Did Well.
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