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Unity 2d Game Development

What This Book Covers Chapter 1, Introduction To The 2d World Of Unity, Covers The Basics Of Getting Unity Up And Running For 2d Games And Setting Up A Simple, Animated, Sprite-Based Player Character. Chapter 2, It Lives!, Is All About Camera Control, 2d Triggers, Player Death And Resurrection, Firing A Weapon, And A Bit About State Machines For Good Measure. Chapter 3, No Longer Alone, Adds Enemies! Shoot Them, Get Killed By Them, And Watch Them Patrol. It's A Party Where Everyone Wants To Kill You! Chapter 4, Give It Some Sugar, Shows You How To Build Dynamic, Endless Enemy Generation And A Bigger Game World, Introduces Parallax Scrolling, And Adds A Scoring System. Chapter 5, The Ultimate Battle Of Ultimate Destiny, Lets You Know That The Enemies Have A Friend, And He's Angry! In This Chapter, You Will Build An Entire Boss Battle. Chapter 6, The Finishing Touches, Is Exactly What It Sounds Like—The Final Gravy On This Awesome Mountain Of 2d Goodness. You'll Be Adding In Game Rounds And A Start Screen.
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