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The Complete Guide To DAZ Studio 4

Computer Art Is Today A Mature Field. Gone Are The Days When 3d Modeling And Rendering Were Arcane Arts Reserved For Software Experts Who Had Access To Expensive Programs. Today, We Have 3d Software That Is Both Affordable And Easy To Use. About 18 Years Ago, Larry Weinberg, A Software Engineer Working For A Hollywood VFX Company, Had A Vision Of A Program That Would Give Everybody The Means To Easily Pose And Render Human Figures. That Software Was, Of Course, Poser, A 3d Program For The Masses. Poser Spawned A Large Business Of Premade Content Marketed By Several Companies. One Of The Companies Born From The Poser Phenomenon Was DAZ 3d. DAZ Became Famous As The Maker Of The Victoria And Michael Poser Figures, Which Have Been Received Very Well By The Market. In Fact, Victoria 4 Is The Most Widely Used 3d Figure Of All Time. In 2006, DAZ Released Its Own Alternative To Poser, Dubbed DAZ Studio. DAZ Studio Is Distributed As Freeware, Software That Is Given Away For Free Because DAZ's Business Model Is Based On Selling Premade Content. By Giving Away The Software, DAZ Provides A Great Entry Point For People Who Want To Explore The Fascinating World Of 3d Computer Art.
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