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Switchmode Power Supply Handbook 3rd Edition

When Keith Billings Wrote The First Edition Of Switchmode Power Supply Handbook Over Twenty Years Ago, He Was Aware That Many Engineers Had Expressed The Desire For A General Handbook On The Subject. He Responded To This Need With A Practical, Easy-To-Read Explanation Of Many Of The Techniques In Common Use, Together With Some Of The Latest Developments. The Author Has Drawn Upon His Own Experience Of The Questions Most Often Asked By Students And Junior Engineers To Address The Subject In The Most Straightforward Way, Giving Explicit Design Examples Which Do Not Assume Any Previous Knowledge Of The Subject. In Particular, The Design Of The Wound Components Is Covered Very Fully, Since These Are Critical To The Final Performance But Tend To Be Rather Poorly Understood. In The Third Edition Keith Continues The Easily Assimilated, Nonacademic Treatment, Using The Simplified Theory And Mathematical Analysis That Was So Well Received In The Previous Editions, Waiving The Fully Rigorous Approach In The Interests Of Simplicity. As A Result, This Latest Edition Should Once Again Appeal To Students, Junior Engineers, And Interested Nonspecialist Users, As Well As Practicing Professional Power Supply Engineers.
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