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Switching Power Supply Design (Second Edition) By Abraham L

Much Has Changed In The Power Conversion Field Since The Author's Previous Book On Switching Power Supply Design (Switching And Linear Power Supply, Power Converter Design, 1978). The Main Goal Of These Changes Has Been To Make The Power Supply Smaller. As Integrated Circuits Packed More Features In A Smaller Volume, It Became Essential Also To Decrease The Size Of A System's Power Supply. Switching Power Supply Packing Density Currently Ranges From 2 To 6 Load Watts Per Cubic Inch (W/in3) As Compared To About 1 W/in3 A Decade Ago. Newer Resonant Converter Techniques Offer A Possibility of20 To 40 W/in3. Higher Switching Frequencies, Made Possible By Power MOSFET Transistors, Newer Topologies, And Integrated-Circuit Pulse-Width-Modulating Chips, Which Pack More Control And Supervisory Features In A Smaller Volume, Have Contributed To Making Present-Day Power Supplies Smaller. All These New Technologies Are Covered In This Book. It Has Been The Author's Experience, In Teaching A Course On Modern Switching Power Supply Design To All Levels Of Engineers From Most Of The Major American Electronics Companies, That Those Who Have A Good Understanding Of The Fundamental Principles Can Easily Solve Their Day-To-Day Design Problems As Well As Assess And Adapt To New Technologies.
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