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Switching Power Supply Design And Optimization, Second Edition

It’S Been Almost A Decade Since I Held The Previous Edition Of This Book Ever So Lovingly In My Hands. It Was My Very First Time. How Can I Ever Forget That Moment? The Thrill Lingers On, Probably Destined To Last A Lifetime. But, Like All Special Moments And Relationships In Our Lives, It Needed Nurturing. So, Though It Seems A Trifle Late In Coming, Here It Finally Is—The Second Edition Of My Very First Book. To Me Personally, The Book Still Remains What It Was On That Thrilling Day In 2004: A Labor Of Love. That’S One Aspect Which Hasn’T Changed One Bit Over The Years. Because I Wouldn’T Even Have Embarked On The Difficult Journey Of Writing This Lengthy Book, If I Hadn’T Felt I Was Going To Enjoy The Process One Hundred Percent. And I Did. So, Now I Truly Hope You Will Love It Equally. Because In The Final Reckoning, That Is What Makes It Worth All The Effort. Nothing Else Matters. You Will Notice That There Is Something Which Has Definitely Evolved, If Not Changed Over The Years—My Writing Style. You Can Perhaps Already Tell This Isn’T Going To Be Your Typical Run-Of-The-Mill, Dry, Technical Book. Sorry, I Agree I Get A Bit Wordy At Times. But I Just Couldn’T Bring Myself To Write “Normally” Anymore. Perhaps I Enjoy Power Electronics So Much That It Has Finally Started To Show—Almost Uncontrollably By Now.
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