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Switching Power Supplies A To Z

Looking Back, I Realize There Was Actually Never An Exact Moment When I Said To Myself “I Have Had It With Physics — Let Me Do Electronics Now”! My Near Mid-Life Career Change Was A Rather Gradual Process. Faced With An Exponentially Declining Interest In Pi-Mesons, Lagrangian Multipliers, Quantum Electrodynamics, And So On, My Grades Had Started Scraping The Bottom Of The Barrel. It Didn’T Help That I Perceived My Last Bunch Of Professors To Be Largely Apathetic To Students In General — It Seemed That Teaching Just Happened To Be What They Needed To Keep Doing, To Be Eligible For Research Grants, Which Is What They Really Enjoyed Doing. And Physics Itself, For All Its Initial Undergraduate Allure, Had At The Post-Graduate Level, Turned Suddenly Very Mathematical And Abstruse, Contradicting My Inherent Desire To Be Firmly Embedded In Reality (Not Virtual Reality). Unfortunately, The Disenchantment Reached A Culmination Only During My Second Masters Degree Program, In Chicago. Too Late! So Though I Eventually Did Part Company With Physics (As Good Friends, I May Add), There Was A Slight Problem — I Didn’T Have A Clue What To Do Next. I Call That My Problem Number 1. Back In Hot, Bustling And Dusty India, It Took Me Several Years To Figure Things Out. But Finally, I Did! The Small Bags Of Transistors, Capacitors, Resistors And Inductors That I Had Lately Started Tinkering With, Held The Answer To All My Problems. And Hope For The Future. This Was My Long-Awaited Lifeboat. I Could Now Feel, Touch, Build And Test Whatever I Did. No Deceptive Sense Of Comfort Lolling Around In Lush Minefields Of Equations And Algebraic Abstractions. This Was The Real World, The One That We Live In Every Day.
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