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SD Card Projects Using The PIC Microcontroller

A Microcontroller Is A Single-Chip Microprocessor System That Contains Data And Program Memory, Serial And Parallel Input–Output, Timers, And External And Internal Interrupts, All Integrated Into A Single Chip That Can Be Purchased For As Little As $2.00. Approximately 40% Of Microcontroller Applications Are In Office Automation, Such As PCs, Laser Printers, Fax Machines, Intelligent Telephones, And So Forth. Approximately One-Third Of Microcontrollers Are Found In Consumer Electronic Goods. Products Like CD Players, Hi-Fi Equipment, Video Games, Washing Machines, Cookers, Etc., Fall Into This Category. The Communications Market, Automotive Market, And Military Share The Rest Of The Application Areas. Flash Memory Cards Are High-Capacity Nonvolatile Read-Write Type Semiconductor Memories Used In Many Domestic, Commercial, And Industrial Applications. For Example, Portable Electronic Devices Like Digital Cameras, Video Recorders, mp3 Players, GPS Receivers, Laptop Computers, And Many More Domestic And Office Products Use Some Form Of Flash Memory Cards. Currently, There Are Many Types Of Flash Memory Cards. Some Of The Popular Cards Are Secure Digital (SD) Card, Compact Flash Card, Memory Stick Card, Smart Media Card, And So On.
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