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RF And Microwave Transistor Oscillator Design

The Main Objective Of This Book Is To Present All Relevant Information Necessary For RF And Microwave Transistor Oscillator Design Including Well-Known And New Theoretical Approaches And Practical Circuit Schematics And Designs, As Well As To Suggest Optimum Design Approaches, Which Combine Effectively Analytic Calculations And Computer-Aided Design. This Book Can Be Useful For Lecturing To Promote The Analytical Way Of Thinking And Combine Effectively Theory And Practice Of RF And Microwave Engineering. As Often Happens, A New Result Is A Long-Forgotten Old One. Therefore, Not Only New Results Based On New Technologies Or Circuit Schematics Are Given, But Some Old Ideas, Schematics Or Approaches Are Also Introduced, That Could Be Very Useful In Modern Practice Or Could Contribute To The Development Of New Ideas Or Techniques. As A Result, This Book Is Intended For And Can Be Recommended To:  University-Level Professors And Researchers, As Possible Reference And Well-Founded Material For Creative Research And Teaching Activity Which Will Contribute To Strong Background For Graduates And Postgraduates Students;  R&D Staff, To Combine The Theoretical Analysis And Practical Aspects, Including Computeraided Design (CAD) And To Provide A Sufficient Basis For New Ideas In Theory And Practical Circuit Techniques;  Practising RF Designers And Engineers, As An Anthology Of Many Well-Known And New Practical Transistor Oscillator Circuits With Detailed Descriptions Of Their Operational Principles And Applications And Clear Practical Demonstration Of Theoretical Results.
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