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Real World Modo The Authorized Guide In The Trenches With Modo

Trench Warfare Is Kind Of Gruesome Topic For An Introduction, Especially An Introduction For A Book About 3d Software. So What Am I Talking About? I Definitely Don’T Want To Compare Being A 3d Artist To Something As Horrible And Frightening As War, To Say In The Least. Maybe It’S The Fact That I Just Finished Watching HBO’S Band Of Brothers Series For The First Time Or That I’Ve Been Playing Call Of Duty On Xbox LIVE That’S Got My Mind Entrenched In Epic Battle Sequences And An Awe-Inspiring Respect For The Comradery Of Brothers In Arms. There’S A Particular Episode In Band Of Brothers About The Battle Of Bastogne That Really Resonates In My Mind. In This Episode, The Heroic Men Of Easy Company Are In The Dead Of Winter, Pinned Down In Their Foxholes With Hardly Any Supplies, Doing What They Need To Do To Not Only Survive But To Complete A Mission. Being A 3d Artist, Working Up Against A Tough Deadline, Can Sometimes Feel Like I Am In The Dead Of Winter, Pinned Down In The Trenches, Low On Supplies, With A Huge Deadline Exploding All Around Me Like Mortar Fire. I Am Doing Everything I Can To Hold The Line, But Shrapnel Is Exploding All Around Me. It’S At This Point Where I, Too, Need To Dig In And Do What I Need To Do To Complete The Mission, To Finish The Project On Deadline.
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