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Real Time Rendering 3rd Edition

How Much Has Happened In Six Years! Luckily For Us, There Has Not Been A Paradigm Shift (Yet), But The Amount Of Creative Energy That Has Gone Into The Field These Past Years Is Incredible. To Keep Up With This Ever-Growing Field, We Are Fortunate This Time To Be Three Authors Instead Of Two. Naty Hoffman Joins Us This Edition. He Has Years Of Experience In The Field And Has Brought A Fresh Perspective To The Book. Since The Second Edition In 2002, Researchers Have Produced Hundreds Of Articles In The Area Of Interactive Computer Graphics. At One Point Naty Filtered Through Conference Proceedings, Saving Articles He Thought Were Worth At Least A Mention. From Just The Research Conferences Alone The List Grew To Over 350 References; This Did Not Include Those In Journals, Book Series Like GPU Gems And ShaderX, Or Web Articles. We Realized We Had A Challenge Ahead Of Us. Even A Thorough Survey Of Each Area Would Make For A Book Of Nothing But Surveys. Such A Volume Would Be Exhaustive, But Exhausting, And Ultimately Unsatisfying. Instead, We Have Focused On Theory, Algorithms, And Architectures That We Felt Are Key In Understanding The Field. We Survey The Literature As Warranted, But With The Goal Of Pointing You At The Most Recent Work In An Area And At Resources For Learning More.
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