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Programming With C (2nd Edition) BY Byron Gottfried

C Has Continued To Increase In Popularity Since The Publication Of The First Edition Of This Book In 1990. Most Newer Compilers Provide Numerous Extensions To The 1989 ANSI Standard, As Well As A Full-Feature Graphical Programming Environment Including A Debugger, A Project Manager, And Extensive On-Line Help. Moreover, Interest In C Has Not Been Diminished By The Emergence Of C++, Since The Features Found In This Newer Programming Language Require A Solid Background In C. This Second Edition Provides Instruction In The Use Of The C Language, Within The Context Of Contemporary C Programming Style. It Includes Complete And Understandable Explanations Of The Commonly Used Features Of C, Including Most Of The Features Included In The Current ANSI Standard. In Addition, The Book Presents A Contemporary Approach To Programming, Stressing The Importance Of Clarity, Legibility, Modularity And Efficiency In Program Design. Thus, The Reader Is Exposed To The Principles Of Good Programming Practice As Well As The Specific Rules Of C. Complete C Programs Are Presented Throughout The Text, Beginning With The First Chapter. The Use Of An Interactive Programming Style Is Emphasized Throughout The Text. The Book Can Be Used By A Wide Reader Audience, Ranging From Beginning Programmers To Practicing Professionals. It Is Particularly Well Suited For Advanced Secondary Or Beginning College-Level Students As A Textbook For An Introductory Programming Course, As A Supplementary Text, Or As An Effective Independentstudy Guide.
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