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Program Arcade Games, 4th Edition

It All Started In 1983 When My Dad, Who Was Also A Teacher, Bought An Apple //E Computer For Our Use At Home. Since It Was To Be “Dad’S Computer” For Educational Purposes Only, My Brother And I Were Not Allowed To Purchase Any Games. So, At The Local Library I Found Two Programming Books By David H. Ahl: BASIC Computer Games And More BASIC Computer Games. These Books Had Code I Could Use To Type In And Run My Own Games. This Was The Beginning Of My Creative Outlet With Computers. As A Computer Science Professor, I Have Found Getting Other People To Program Their Own Games As A Great Way To Foster Interest In Computer Science. Unfortunately, Back When I Started Teaching Students This Way, The Type Of Book I Started With In The 1980s Did Not Seem To Be Available Any Longer. I Wanted To Help Others Learn To Program The Same Way I Started. To Provide A Textbook For My Students, I Began To Write My Own Programming Book. I Started The Website ProgramArcadeGames.Com In 2009. The Book You Have In Your Hand Morphed From The Materials On That Website And From Student Input From My Beginning Computer Programming Classes. I Would Like To Acknowledge And Thank Everyone Who Took Time To Give Feedback, No Matter How Large Or Small. This Book Is The Product Of Hundreds Of Students I Have Worked With Personally, And The Feedback Of Hundreds Of People On-Line. I Continue To Develop The Website And Use This Book To Share My Love Of Programming With Others.
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