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Pro html5 Games

Pro html5 Games Is Meant For Programmers Who Already Have Some HTML And JavaScript Programming Experience And Who Now Want To Learn To Harness The Power Of html5 To Build Amazing-Looking Games But Don’T Know Where To Begin. Readers Who Have Experience Making Games In Other Languages Such As Flash And Would Like To Move To html5 Will Also Ind A Lot Of Useful Information In This Book. If You Do Not Feel Conident About Your Game Programming Skills, Don’T Worry. His Book Covers All The Essentials Needed To Build These Games So You Can Follow Along And Learn To Design Large, Professional Games In html5. He Book Will Also Point To Resources And Reference Material For Supplemental Learning In Case You Are Having Trouble Keeping Up. With Dedicated Chapters On html5 Basics, The box2d Engine, Pathinding And Steering, Combat And Efective Enemy AI, And Multiplayer Using Node.JS With WebSockets, You Should Get A Lot From This Book No Matter How Much Game Programming Experience You Have.
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