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Developing Games Is A Passion For Some, And I Believe That This Is Because We Are Able To Create A World That Is Completely Imagined By Us; This Is Like Being A God, And The AI Characters That We Place There Are The Habitants Of That World That We Have Just Created. We Are Free To Imagine How They Will Behave, We Can Create A Society According To Our Imagination, We Are Able To Create A Sweet And Kind Character, But Also We Can Create The Most Devilish Character That Ever Existed--The Possibilities Are Endless, And That Is Why We Will Always Have New Game Ideas Coming Out. No Matter What Game Genre We Decide To Develop, The World And Their Characters Will Be The Essence Of Our Vision; This Is What Will Make Our Game Unique, And Ideally We Should Be Able To Create Everything That We Have In Mind, Just As We Imagine. This Book Was Conceived With That In Mind, That All Of Us Should Be Able To Create The Ideas That We Have And That We Shouldn’T Limit Our Imagination, So This Book Will Cover The Foundations Of Creating An Artificial Character, And After Reading It, We Should Be Able To Explore All The Topics That You Have Learned, Creating AI Characters That Fit Perfectly With What We Have Imagined.
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