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PHP And MySQL Web Development, 5th Edition (Developer's Library) - 2016

This Book Will Teach You How To Create Interactive Web Applications From The Simplest Order Form Through To Complex, Secure Web Applications. What’S More, You’Ll Learn How To Do It Using Open-Source Technologies. This Book Is Aimed At Readers Who Already Know At Least The Basics Of HTML And Have Done Some Programming In A Modern Programming Language Before But Have Not Necessarily Programmed For The Web Or Used A Relational Database. If You Are A Beginning Programmer, You Should Still Find This Book Useful, But Digesting It Might Take A Little Longer. We’Ve Tried Not To Leave Out Any Basic Concepts, But We Do Cover Them At Speed. The Typical Readers Of This Book Want To Master PHP And MySQL For The Purpose Of Building A Large Or Commercial Website. You Might Already Be Working In Another Web Development Language; If So, This Book Should Get You Up To Speed Quickly. We Wrote The First Edition Of This Book Because We Were Tired Of Finding PHP Books That Were Basically Function References. These Books Are Useful, But They Don’T Help When Your Boss Or Client Has Said, “Go Build Me A Shopping Cart.” In This Book, We Have Done Our Best To Make Every Example Useful. You Can Use Many Of The Code Samples Directly In Your Website, And You Can Use Many Others With Only Minor Modifications.
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