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Packt Build Gamified Websites With PHP And JQuery

A Few Years Ago, If You Would Have Said "Gamification" To Someone, You Would Have Gotten A Weird Look, As Though You Were Concocting Something New. Maybe You Would Have Gotten A Quick Follow Up Question, "Huh? What Is That?" Today, That Encounter Would Be Very Different. Although Very Misunderstood, Businesses Are Taking Gamification Very Seriously, As They Find It More And More Difficult To Engage And Ultimately Retain Customers. In This Book, We Take A Closer Look At Gamification. We Assume You Know Nothing About Gamification But Have Some Background In Website Development. We Walk You Through The Gamification Design Framework Outlined In This Book, Applying Gamification Principles Along The Way. Although Not Difficult To Understand, Gamification Requires An Approach That Is Focused On User Engagement And Fun To Develop Systems. When You Are Done, You Will Have A Live Project So You Can Demonstrate Your Understanding Of Key Gamification Principles.
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