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Modern C++ Programming With Test-Driven Development

Don’T Let The Title Mislead You. I Mean, Here Is A Really, Really Good Book About Design Principles, Coding Practices, Test-Driven Development, And Craftsmanship, And They Go And Give It A Title Like Modern C++ Programming With Test-Driven Development. Sigh. Oh, Don’T Get Me Wrong. This Is A Book About Modern C++ Programming. I Mean, If You Are A C++ Programmer, You’Re Going To Love All The Code In This Book. It’S Just Filled To The Brim With Really Interesting And Well-Written C++ Code. In Fact, I Think There May Be More Code Than Words. Go Ahead, Thumb Through The Book. Do You See A Page Without Code On It? Not Many I Bet! So If You’Re Looking For A Good Book To Teach You Modern Practices Of C++, By Example After Example After Example, Then You’Ve Got The Right Book In Your Hands! But This Book Is About A Lot More Than Just Modern C++ Programming. A Lot More. First, This Book May Be The Most Complete And Accessible Exposition On Test-Driven Development That I’Ve Seen (And I’Ve Seen A Lot!). Virtually Every TDD Issue We’Ve Uncovered In The Last Decade And A Half Is Talked About In These Pages, From Fragile Tests To Mocks, From The London School To The Cleveland School, And From Single Assert To Given-When-Then. It’S All Here, Plus A Whole Lot More. Moreover, It’S Not Some Academic Compendium Of Disconnected Issues. No, This Book Walks Through The Issues In The Context Of Examples And Case Studies. It Shows The Problems And The Solutions In Code.
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