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Mastering CryENGINE 2014

Today, Making Games Is Easier Than Ever Before. There Are A Plethora Of Game Engines Available For Developers, And Most Of Them Can Even Be Tried Out Free Of Charge Or Used To Release Games Noncommercially. So, Irrespective Of Whether You Are Modifying An Already Released Game, Building Your Own Indie Game, Or Maybe Working On A Big AAA Production, The Chances That You Will Be Using A Licensed 3d Engine Such As The Popular CryENGINE Are Pretty Big. The Times Where Development Teams Would Write Their Custom Game Engine To Produce A Game Are Mostly Over. The Use Of Licensed 3d Engines Is Very Common And Saves Developers And Publishers A Lot Of Money. Using A Licensed 3d Engine Instead Of Building A Custom Solution Allows Developers To Focus On Making A Great Game Instead Of Developing And Maintaining Their Own Technology.
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