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Marian K. Kazimierczuk Pulse Width Modulated DC-DC Power

This Book Is About Switching-Mode Dc–Dc Power Converters With Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) Control. It Is Intended As A Power Electronics Textbook At The Senior And Graduate Levels For Students Majoring In Electrical Engineering, As Well As A Reference For Practicing Engineers In The Area Of Power Electronics. The Purpose Of The Book Is To Provide Foundations For Semiconductor Power Devices, Topologies Of PWM Switching-Mode Dc–Dc Power Converters, Modeling, Dynamics, And Controls Of PWM Converters. The Book Is Devoted To Energy Conversion. The First Part Of The Book Covers Topologies Of Transformerless And Isolated PWM Converters, Such As Buck, Boost, And Buck–Boost, Flyback, Forward, Half-Bridge, And Full-Bridge Converters. The Second Part Covers Small-Signal Circuit Models Of PWM Converters, Transfer Functions Of PWM Converter Power Stages, Voltage-Mode Control, And Current-Mode Control Of PWM Converters. The Third Part Presents Silicon And Silicon Carbide Power Devices. The Textbook Assumes That The Student Is Familiar With General Circuit Analysis Techniques And Electronic Circuits. Complete Solutions For All Problems Are Included In The Solutions Manual, Which Is Available From The Publisher For Those Instructors Who Adopt The Book For Their Courses.
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