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Make More Electronics Journey

This Book Picks Up Where My Previous Introductory Guide, Make: Electronics, Left Off. Here You Will Find Topics That I Did Not Explore In Detail Before, And Other Topics That Were Not Covered At All Because I Lacked Sufficient Space. You Will Also Find That I Go A Little Bit Further Into Technicalities, To Enable A Deeper Understanding Of The Concepts. At The Same Time, I Have Tried To Make “Learning By Discovery” As Much Fun As Possible. A Few Of The Ideas Here Have Been Discussed Previously In Make Magazine, In Very Different Forms. I Always Enjoy Writing My Regular Column For Make, But The Magazine Format Imposes Strict Limits On The Wordage And The Number Of Illustrations. I Can Provide Much More Comprehensive Coverage In This Book. I Have Chosen Not To Deal With Microcontrollers In Much Depth, Because Explaining Their Setup And Programming Language(S) In Sufficient Detail Would Require Too Much Space. Other Books Already Explain The Various Microcontroller Chip Families. I Will Suggest Ways In Which You Can Rebuild Or Simplify The Projects Here By Using A Microcontroller, But I Will Leave You To Pursue This Further On Your Own.
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