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Learning Unreal Engine Android Game Development

The First Unreal Engine Was Launched In 1998 By Epic Games. A Great Feature About This Engine Was That, Because Of UnrealScript, The Engine Became Quite Popular With The Community, As It Made Modding Quite Easy And Accessible. Then, In 2002, Epic Released Their Next Engine, Unreal Engine 2, Which Was A Great Improvement Over The First Engine. It Came With Something Called UnrealEd 2 (And Later, UnrealEd 3), Which Was Essentially A Level Editor That You Could Use To Create Levels For Unreal. This, Along With UnrealScript Could Be Used To Create Entirely New Games. The Engine Offered Better Rendering, Better Physics, And Better Collision Than Its Predecessor. It Also Supported The Then Current Generation Consoles, Namely PlayStation 2, Xbox, And GameCube. In 2006, Epic Released Their Next, And, Probably, Their Most Popular And Widely Used Engine, Unreal 3. It Was A Giant Leap In Terms Of Technology. This Is Where Unreal Engine Started Picking Up Steam. However, Perhaps The Most Significant Feature Offered By Unreal Engine 3 Was Kismet. Kismet Is An Extremely Powerful Visual Scripting Tool. The Way It Works Is That There Are Various Nodes, Which Can Be Connected To Form A Logical Sequence, Kind Of Like A Flowchart. The Best Part About Kismet Is That You Do Not Require Any Programming Knowledge. You Can Make An Entire Game Without Writing A Single Line Of Code Using Kismet. It Is An Extremely Handy Tool For Artists And Designers, Since They Can Make Quick Prototypes Or Experiment With A Certain Feature On Their Own And Not Have To Rely On Programmers.
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