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Getting Started With WebRTC

Getting Started With WebRTC Provides All The Practical Information You Need To Quickly Understand What WebRTC Is, How It Works, And How You Can Add It To Your Own Web Applications. It Includes Clear Working Examples Designed To Help You Get Started With Building WebRTC-Enabled Applications Right Away. WebRTC Delivers Web-Based Real-Time Communication, And It Is Set To Revolutionize Our View Of What The "Web" Really Is. The Ability To Stream Audio And Video From Browser To Browser Alone Is A Significant Innovation That Will Have Far Reaching Implications For The Telephony And Video Conferencing Industries. But This Is Just The Start. Opening Raw Access To The Camera And Microphone For JavaScript Developers Is Already Creating A Whole New Dynamic Web That Allows Applications To Interact With Users Through Voice, Gesture, And All Kinds Of New Options. On Top Of That, WebRTC Also Introduces Real-Time Data Channels That Will Allow Interaction With Dynamic Data Feeds From Sensors And Other Devices. This Really Is A Great Time To Be A Web Developer! However, WebRTC Can Also Be Quite Daunting To Get Started With And Many Of Its Concepts Can Be New Or A Little Confusing For Even The Most Experienced Web Developers.
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