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Welcome To The Book That Used To Be Called Animating With Blender. It’S Assumed That Before You Start This Book, You Know Your Way Around A Little. Blender Shouldn’T Be A Mystery To You. Neither Should Animation. If It Is, Well, We Have Some Books For That Too. In The Online Archive That Accompanies This Book [Www.Blenderproduction.Com], You Will Find All Of The Production Files For Snowmen Will Melt Your Heart. If You Haven’T Watched The Short-Short Yet, You Will Find It On The Official Site, As Well As On Vimeo And YouTube. All Of The Production Files That I Have Created Are Released Under A Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unsupported License. What That Means Is That You Can Use The Files Themselves – The Textures, Sets, Models, Etc. – In Your Own Works As Long As You Credit The Original Creator. This Also Means That You Can Examine, Copy, And Redistribute The Files In Noncommercial Ways: As Part Of A Tutorial, A Library, Etc. Several Of The Files Are CC Licensed To Other Individuals. I Have Included A Document Called Licenses.Txt In The Production Archive That Lists Those Files And Their Respective Licenses. One Of The Great Truisms Of Learning A Skill Is That By The Time You’Ve Finished A Project, You’Re Finally Ready To Begin It. This Will Certainly Be True Of Your Experience Creating Your First Short Animation. I Hope This Book Functions As A Bit Of A Substitute For Some Of That First-Time Experience, Giving You A Better Shot Than Most People At Finishing Your Work. So Don’T Be Too Hard On Yourself During Your Initial Foray Into Animation. Well, Be Hard On Yourself During Production. But When You’Ve Put Your Short Animation To Bed For Whatever Reason And Have Called It “Done,” Take One Hard, Critical Look At The Final Product So That You Can Remember The Lessons You’Ve Learned For The Next Time. Then Forget The Pain And Bask In Your Accomplishment, Just A Little.
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