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Embedded Systems Fifth Edition-Jonathan Valvano (2014)

Embedded Systems Are A Ubiquitous Component Of Our Everyday Lives. We Interact With Hundreds Of Tiny Computers Every Day That Are Embedded Into Our Houses, Our Cars, Our Toys, And Our Work. As Our World Has Become More Complex, So Have The Capabilities Of The Microcontrollers Embedded Into Our Devices. The ARM ® Cortex™-M Family Represents A New Class Of Microcontrollers Much More Powerful Than The Devices Available Ten Years Ago. The Purpose Of This Book Is To Present The Design Methodology To Train Young Engineers To Understand The Basic Building Blocks That Comprise Devices Like A Cell Phone, An mp3 Player, A Pacemaker, Antilock Brakes, And An Engine Controller. This Book Is The First In A Series Of Three Books That Teach The Fundamentals Of Embedded Systems As Applied To The ARM ® Cortex™-M Family Of Microcontrollers. This First Book Is An Introduction To Computers And Interfacing Focusing On Assembly Language And C Programming. The Second Book Embedded Systems: Real-Time Interfacing To ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers Focuses On Hardware/Software Interfacing And The Design Of Embedded Systems. The Third Book Embedded Systems: Real-Time Operating Systems For ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers Is An Advanced Book Focusing On Operating Systems, High-Speed Interfacing, Control Systems, And Robotics. The Third Volume Could Also Be Used For Professionals Wishing To Design Or Deploy A Real-Time Operating System Onto An ARM Platform. This First Book Is An Introductory Book That Could Be Used At The College Level With Little Or No Prerequisites.
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