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Developing 2d Games With Unity

Who Is This Book For? This Book Was Written For Programmers Interested In Making Video Games With Unity. It’S Not Recommended That You Learn To Program For The First Time While Reading This Book. The Programming Language Used In This Text Is C#. Although This Text Does Not Include A C# Tutorial, The C# Language Is Syntactically Similar To Many Other Popular Programming Languages. If You’Re Already Familiar With A Language Such As Java, Then The Syntax Of C# Will Come Naturally To You. Explanations Of Pertinent Aspects Of C# Are Included With The Code Examples Used While Building The Game In This Book. What Are We Building? This Book Is Structured Toward Building A 2d RPG-Style Game In Unity Over The Course Of Eight Chapters. The Game Is In The Style Of Those Top-Down RPGs From The 1990s, But The Concepts Can Be Carried Over To Create Other Types Of Games As Well. You Should Feel Free To Tinker With The Code, Break Things, Change Things Around, And Tweak Values. If You Break Something And Can’T Figure Out How To Fix It, Refer To The Source Code From The Apress GitHub Account To Fix Things. As You’Re Working Your Way Through This Book, Remember That It Can Be Helpful To Have Something Explained A Different Way. If You’Re Not Content With An Explanation In This Book, Or If You Would Benefit From An Alternate Explanation, Look To The Unity Documentation Online. Look At Gamedev.Stackexchange.Com And The Official Unity Forums And Ask Questions. Make Sure You Understand What’S Going On. Don’T Settle For Half Of An Understanding—You’Ll Do Yourself A Disservice.
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