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Building Software For Simulation

Building Software For Simulation Is Different From Many Other Books On Simulation Because Its Focuses On The Design And Implementation Of Simulation Software; By Culminating In A Complete System For Simulation, This Book Makes Itself Unique. The Design And Construction Of Simulation Software Has Been A Topic Persistently Absent From Textbooks Even Though Many, If Not Most, Simulation Projects Require The Development Of New Software. By Addressing This Important Topic, Building Software For Simulation Will, I Hope, Complement Other Excellent Textbooks On Modeling And Simulation. This Book Is Intended As Both An Introduction To Simulation Programming And A Reference For Experienced Practitioners. I Hope You Will Find It Useful In These Respects. This Book Approaches Simulation From The Perspective Of Zeigler’S Theory Of Modeling And Simulation, Introducing The Theory’S Fundamental Concepts And Showing How To Apply These To Problems In Engineering. The Original Concept Of The Book Was Not So Ambitious; Its Early Stages More Closely Resembled A Cookbook For Building Simulators, Focusing Almost Exclusively On Algorithms, Examples Of Simulation Programs, And Guidelines For The Object-Oriented Design Of A Simulator. The Book Retains Much Of This Flavor, Demonstrating Each Concept And Algorithm With Working Code. Unlike A Cookbook, However, Concepts And Algorithms Discussed In The Text Are Not Disembodied; Their Origins In The Theory Of Modeling And Simulation Are Made Apparent, And This Motivates And Provides Greater Insight Into Their Application.
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