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Building A Home Security System With Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi Is A Powerful, Low-Cost, Credit-Card Sized Computer, Which Lends Itself Perfectly As The Controller Of A Sophisticated Home Security System. Using The Available On-Board Interfaces, The Raspberry Pi Can Be Expanded To Allow The Connection Of A Virtually Infinite Number Of Security Sensors And Devices. The Raspberry Pi Has The Processing Power And Interfaces Available To Build A Sophisticated Home Security System But At A Fraction Of The Cost Of Commercially Available Systems. Building A Home Security System With Raspberry Pi Starts Off By Showing You The Raspberry Pi And How To Set Up The Linux-Based Operating System. The Book Then Guides You Through Connecting Switch Sensors And LEDs To The Native GPIO Connector Safely, And It Also Shows You How To Access These Using Simple Bash Scripts. As You Dive Further In, You'll Learn How To Build An Input/Output Expansion Board Using The i2c Interface And Power Supply, Allowing The Connection Of The Large Number Of Sensors Needed For A Typical Home Security Setup. The Book Features Clear Diagrams And Code Listing Every Step Of The Way To Allow You To Build A Truly Sophisticated And Modular Home Security System.
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