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Build Your Own Transistor Radios

Ever Since The Invention Of Amplitude-Modulated (AM) Radio During The Beginning Of The Twentieth Century, There Has Been A Unique Interest On The Part Of Hobbyists To Build Various Types Of Receivers From The Crystal Radios Of That Era In The 1900s To The Software-Defined Radios (SDRs) In The Twenty-First Century. In Between The Crystal Receivers And SDRs Are The Tuned Radio-Frequency, Regenerative, Reflex, And Conventional Superheterodyne Receivers. This Book Will Cover These Types Of Radios From Chapters 5 Through 11. Chapter 12 Will Illustrate Two Types Of Front-End Circuits For SDRs Using Analog And Sampling Methods To Generate I And Q Signals. This Book Actually Has Two Personalities. The First 12 Chapters Are Organized As A Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Book. Starting From Chapter 4, The Reader Can Start Building AM Test Generators For Alignment And Calibration Of AM Radios. Beginning From Chapter 5, Low-Powered Tuned Radio-Frequency (TRF) Or Tuned Radio Designs Are Shown. By Chapter 11, A Coil-Less Superheterodyne Radio Design Is Presented.
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