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Blender Master Class

Welcome! This Book Is Designed To Teach You How To Create Models And Environments In 3d, Using Two Pieces Of Software: Blender, For 3d Design And Animation, And GIMP, For 2d Image Editing. In Each Chapter I Take You Through A Part Of The Process Of Creating Three Complete 3d Scenes. You’Ll Learn How To Block Out And Create Models, Sculpt And Detail Them, Texture And Create Materials, Use Lighting, And Render Finished Images. In The Course Of The Book, I Discuss The Wide Array Of Tools That Blender And GIMP Offer And How To Use Them In Real Projects. My Goal Is To Teach You How To Approach And Finish Your Own Projects In Blender, Using Three Of My Own Projects To Provide The Narrative And Examples Of The Tasks Required. By The End Of This Book, You Should Be Able To Create Your Own Projects From Scratch Using The Principles Demonstrated In The Three Example Projects.
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