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Blender Game Engine Beginners Guide

In This Book, You Will Find The Necessary Tools For The Friendly Blender Game Engine. When I Set Out To Write A Book For Beginners, I Was Preparing The Text Of A Game Called "Save The Whale." Of Course, Much Of The Introduction To This Text Could Be Applied To The First Chapters Of The Book You Have In Your Hand. So Mostly, Some Of The Exercises You Will Find Are Extracted From A Game Idea Of Mine, Which Eventually Helped Me Explain Many Of The Concepts Of Blender Game Engine, Such As How Blender's Interface Works, And What Kind Of Connections Must Be Learned To Move Our Character Within Our Own Game. BGE Is A Section Of The Blender Program That Is A Free, 3d Software Package. Blender Is Very Powerful And Very Complex At The Same Time. The Beginner's Guide Is A Gentle Introduction, Not Only For Someone Interested In Learning About Games Made In Blender, But Also For Anyone Who Is Curious To Know All About What Can Be Done With Blender. Blender, As You Know, Is An Open Source Program And Has Many Followers. So Much So That The Program Is Complex, Involving Many Fields Of Work, And You Can Use It In Different Disciplines. Parts Of The Program May Be Unknown To You If You Do Not Apply Them To Your Project. So A Part Of The BGE Is For Beginners, Not For Those Who Have Not Used Blender In Their Life, But For Those Who Use Blender Daily And Have Not Played With The Game Engine Program. This Is A Powerful Tool Whose Potential You Will See In The Following Pages Of This Book. Here Is A List Of The Chapters With Their Brief Overview.
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