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Beginning stm32

There Is Considerable Interest In The ARM Cortex Platform Today Because ARM Devices Are Found Everywhere. Units Containing ARM Devices Range From The Small Microcontroller Embedded Systems To Cellphones And Larger Servers Running Linux. Soon, ARM Will Also Be Present In Higher Numbers In The Datacenter. These Are All Good Reasons To Become Familiar With ARM Technology. With The Technology Ranging From Microcontrollers To Full Servers, The Question Naturally Arises: “Why Study Embedded Device Programming? Why Not Focus On End-User Systems Running Linux, Like The Raspberry Pi?” The Simple Answer Is That Embedded Systems Perform Well In Scenarios That Are Awkward For Larger Systems. They Are Frequently Used To Interface With The Physical World. They Go Between The Physical World And A Desktop System, For Example. The Humble Keyboard Uses A Dedicated MCU (Microcontroller Unit) To Scan Key Switches Of The Keyboard And Report Key-Press Events To The Desktop System. This Not Only Reduces The Amount Of Wiring Necessary But Also Frees The Main CPU From Expending Its High-Performance Computing On The Simple Task Of Noticing Key-Press Events.
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