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Accelerated C++ Practical Programming By Example

"I Have Made This Letter Longer Than Usual, Because I Lack The Time To Make It Short. " —Blaise Pascal The Advent Of The ISO/ANSI C++ Standard Marked The Beginning Of A New Era For C++ Programmers. The Standard Offers Many New Facilities And Opportunities, But How Can A Real-World Programmer Find The Time To Discover The Key Nuggets Of Wisdom Within This Mass Of Information? The C++ In-Depth Series Minimizes Learning Time And Confusion By Giving Programmers Concise, Focused Guides To Specific Topics. Each Book In This Series Presents A Single Topic, At A Technical Level Appropriate To That Topic. The Series' Practical Approach Is Designed To Lift Professionals To Their Next Level Of Programming Skills. Written By Experts In The Field, These Short, In-Depth Monographs Can Be Read And Referenced Without The Distraction Of Unrelated Material. The Books Are Cross-Referenced Within The Series, And Also Reference The C++ Programming Language By Bjarne Stroustrup.
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