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3d Game Programming All In One

During The Past Several Years While Working On The Tubettiland “Online Campaign” Software And More Recently While Working On The Tubettiworld Game, I Figure I’Ve Received More Than A Hundred Queries From People Of All Ages About How To Get Started Making Games. There Were Queries From 40-Year-Olds And 13-Year-Olds And Every Age In Between. Most E-Mails Were From Guys I Would Estimate To Be In Their Late Teens Or Early 20s. After About The 30th Response Or So, I Gave Up Trying To Help These People Out In Detail And Started To Just Point Them To Web Sites Where They Could Gather The Information They Needed. Finally I Stopped Responding Completely. But This Bugged Me To No End (I Still Get Several Of These E-Mails In A Month), So Every Now And Then I Will Respond With The Web Links Or Some Pointers.However, Whenever I Do Answer, I Often Get Drawn Into Long E-Mail Exchanges For Which I Just Don’T Have The Time. Eventually I Have To Beg Out Of The Exchange, Usually By Being Nonresponsive At Some Point. Then I Feel Bad Again.
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